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Why should I have MyChiropractor host my website?

It doesn't matter how great your website is if nobody can see it, which is why where you host your website is so important. While nobody can guarantee 100% uptime, we do everything we can meet that goal. Some of the measures we have taken include:

  1. High performance dual-processor Intel Xeon webservers
  2. RAID fault-tolerant hot swap disk storage
  3. Cisco 7200 series core routers
  4. Multi-homed, redundant network featuring tier-1 Gigabit and OCx Internet connections
  5. Daily data backups
  6. Diesel generator and UPS battery backup
  7. Redundant data center cooling and climate control systems
  8. 99.9+% network uptime track record since 1997

We can host your preexisting website or one that we build for you for prices as low as $8.95 per month. We also offer package deals for people who want us to build and host their website when using our online scheduling service.

Website Maintenance

Once you have a website how do you plan on maintaining (updating) it? You really have two options:

  1. Doing it yourself, which will require time, expertise, and money (for the required computer and software).
  2. Hiring someone else to do it.
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For most people option number two is the one that makes the most sense. It is usually faster and more cost effective to hire someone else to take care of this for you.

If you plan on making changes to your website infrequently, you can obtain our services as needed. If you plan on making frequent changes to your site, you can set up a maintenance contract at a discounted rate from our already reasonable prices.